Maura Danehey, Assistant Director, Partnership Development

Our Team

Maura is a public affairs–communications and wellness professional, integrating the specialties to lead work focused on policy change, accessibility, social responsibility, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Her goals are twofold: (1) To contribute to a world stronger than the one she was born into; and (2) To share her voice to create inclusive opportunities for those who have been marginalized, especially people with disabilities.

Maura has led public affairs for nonprofit organizations; local, federal, and foreign governments; a Fortune 100 company; and public relations firms. She has a knack for bringing like-valued people and brands together to deliver impact, and her calm demeanor is an asset for working with executives and leading teams. Currently, Maura serves as the Communications Leader for a global organization, while simultaneously pursuing her Master of Public Administration at New York University. She is committed to public service, actively mentors and sponsors team members, and is thrilled to be part of Federal Career Connection’s team.