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Chris Westbrook, Director, Curriculum Development


Learn key insights on how to prepare your resume and STAR stories from a federal recruiter’s point of view. Also, gain new techniques on how to showcase and translate your STAR stories to a federal career field.

Learning Objectives:

* Discuss key characteristics of a federal career.

* Understand the federal concept of transferable skills.

* Identify and translate your own skills to a federal career.

* Create some amazing STAR stories to describe your professional accomplishments.

* Screen federal jobs against their goals, skills, and values.


This session is free.


Join us Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time


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Chris Westbrook is a talent development professional with a passion for career development, leadership, and change management. In 2018, she recently retired from the federal government after 38 years of service in the executive and legislative branches. Chris spent the bulk of her career in the Central Intelligence Agency. Her last position was Deputy Director of the CIA’s foreign-language school. Previous to this, she served on a tiger team to implement CIA’s largest organizational change since its creation in 1947, leading to the creation of a Talent Center of Excellence responsible for the hiring, development, and management of CIA’s workforce. She created and delivered leadership training to all levels of Agency officers, from line through executive. She led analyst hiring during the CIA’s hiring surge after September 11, 2001. This was a mid-career switch for her after serving as a national security analyst and manager for many years. Chris received a BA in Government from The College of William and Mary and graduate degrees in Political Science and Human Resource Development from The George Washington University.


By Alex Harrington

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently published a memo to executive department heads and agencies regarding the implementation of the Trump Administration’s Executive Order) on improving the federal hiring process by placing more emphasis on candidates’ relevant knowledge, skills, competencies, and abilities.


By Alex Harrington

“As an older worker, what is the best way (other than to showcase my experience) to show that I am the best candidate for the job?”

For nearly ten years, I have been asked this question many times over. Quite frankly, when I was first asked about how to market yourself as someone past their mid-40s, at best, I clumsily struggled in my response to the individual’s age-related question.


By Alex Harrington

Our ‘all-volunteer’ cadre of Federal subject matter experts and hiring managers work hard to provide individuals in career transition with the best federal employment resources and information, all through monthly virtual workshops and office hours, along with special events like “Fireside Chats,” at no cost. And even though we would like to provide more help to job seekers with other career services – i.e., resume review, coaching, job search strategy, etc. – our volunteers do not have time due to life’s obligations (e.g., working full-time jobs, taking care of family needs, and spending time with loved ones). 


Webinar Host Alex Harrington

Join Alex Harrington, a federal hiring manager and credentialed career coach with the National Career Development Association and Center for Credentialing & Education, as he helps you effectively navigate the federal hiring landscape, especially during this national emergency as the U.S. fights against the coronavirus pandemic.

The online webinar, “Navigating the Federal Hiring Landscape (Part 2)”, will help attendees: (more…)