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By Alex Harrington, Executive Director

Last month the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released its long-anticipated five-year strategic plan on how it will pivot to meet today’s hiring challenges, with the hope to improve the federal hiring process and “develop innovative assessments so that federal agencies can hire the talent needed to confront the challenges they face.”


By Keenan Emmitt, USAJOBS Engagement and Management Analyst

Giving your federal employees exciting and rewarding career growth opportunities is now easier than ever. Experience-based learning assignments with agencies from across the federal government are a great way to develop, connect, and retain our nation’s largest workforce. And you don’t need to expend your training budget to do it!


This blog, “Where To Find Occupations That Make Up The Federal Government’s Civil Service System” is part of a series on how to effectively explore careers and opportunities in the federal government. The introduction of this series can be found at Exploring the Federal Careers Landscape: An Introduction.

By Alex Harrington

For some time now you have felt a calling to public service, and your first choice is a federal career. But now you wonder, “Where do I start?”