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By Keenan Emmitt, USAJOBS Engagement and Management Analyst

Giving your federal employees exciting and rewarding career growth opportunities is now easier than ever. Experience-based learning assignments with agencies from across the federal government are a great way to develop, connect, and retain our nation’s largest workforce. And you don’t need to expend your training budget to do it!


By Alex Harrington, Executive Director (Acting)

One of my favorite all-time movies is “Seabiscuit (2003)”, a story about an undersized Depression-era racehorse who achieves many victories on the racetrack that not only lifts the spirits of the team, but also the nation. There is one particular scene where Red Pollard’s (the young jockey) parents abandon him at an early age. As his parents walk away he is engulfed with fear and anxiety; an overwhelming feeling of desertion as he is thrusted into the harsh world.


By Alex Harrington, Executive Director

Many Americans who joined the workforce may have chosen their first job by the very first offer. Or perhaps by way of a happenstance moment where the job came to them. Others may have decided on their first job by joining family business or accepted a hasty recommendation from a friend. And still, others might have painstakingly looked at various job offers and then decided on the one that commanded the highest salary. Regardless of how they selected their first job, the shared struggle for countless job seekers is they must bear future career choices, including setbacks and unexpected challenges, throughout their working life.