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By Alex Harrington, FCC Program Director

There are some of you that are bored with your job or there’s little opportunity for growth; worse yet, you’re in a dead-end job. And there are those of you who have been furloughed or let go due to the pandemic, while some are working in a toxic team environment or for a difficult boss. Yet, there may be some of you reading this blog thinking that it is finally time for a career change.


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By Alex Harrington

Earlier this month I presented…in a rare animated form, I must add…a webinar titled, “Navigating the Federal Hiring Landscape (Part 2),” which presented a handful of techniques to improve the federal job search experience for individuals looking at a potential career in public service. 


Webinar Host Alex Harrington

Join Alex Harrington, a federal hiring manager and credentialed career coach with the National Career Development Association and Center for Credentialing & Education, as he helps you effectively navigate the federal hiring landscape, especially during this national emergency as the U.S. fights against the coronavirus pandemic.

The online webinar, “Navigating the Federal Hiring Landscape (Part 2)”, will help attendees: (more…)

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