By Chris Westbrook, Curriculum Director

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently finished hiring “Sprints” to onboard nearly 300 cybersecurity professionals and the extension of an additional 500 tentative job offers. “This hiring initiative,” according to a DHS press release, “exceeded its goal by almost 50 percent, is part of a 60-day Cybersecurity Workforce Sprint focused on building a more diverse cybersecurity workforce.”


Cybersecurity Career Pathways, Tools, and Resources For Job Seekers

By Alex Harrington, Executive Director

Earlier this year I wrote a blog that described various cyber career pathways for job seekers. In this blog, I expand on cybersecurity career pathways, tools, and resources for those who are trying to break into cybersecurity occupations to protect networks from data breaches by malicious actors within our country, and more so, by foreign cyber threats.