Author: Federal Career Connection

By Alex Harrington, Executive Director (Acting)

Before you think about blasting your resume to a wide swath of federal job announcements, you need to learn about the federal job industry and how to navigate the hiring process. Here are four tips to improve your mastery in navigating the federal job landscape. 


Learn how well agencies are performing in the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s “High Risk List”

By Alex Harrington, Program Director

When considering Federal employment, it is best to know which federal agencies have high employee engagement and effective leadership. The best resource to use is the Partnership for Public Service’s “Best Places to Work in the Federal Government” annual rankings.

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By Chris Westbrook, Curriculum Director

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently finished hiring “Sprints” to onboard nearly 300 cybersecurity professionals and the extension of an additional 500 tentative job offers. “This hiring initiative,” according to a DHS press release, “exceeded its goal by almost 50 percent, is part of a 60-day Cybersecurity Workforce Sprint focused on building a more diverse cybersecurity workforce.”


By Alex Harrington, FCC Program Director

There is no doubt that from the last 15 months COVID-19 has shaken-up the pre-pandemic workplace view of the ‘management / leadership’ paradigms. In fact, in the thick of this unrelenting pandemic that has amazingly transformed the workplace as we know it — and this includes the federal government — leaders, at all levels, are far more important now…than ever.