By Alex Harrington, Executive Director

It didn’t surprise me that our August webinar, “How to Apply and Interview for a Federal Job,” was attended by nearly 200 job seekers, surpassing all our other webinar attendance by over 130 percent.  When it comes to looking for a federal career in the U.S. Government, a job seeker’s number one challenge is writing a marketable federal résumé. 

I can truly identify with all those job seekers…like you…who have to conjure up the willpower to write a federal résumé. 

When I wrote my first federal résumé, I must have pulled out most of my hair! It took me weeks to learn how to compose a correct federal résumé. And there were many times during my federal job search process I received a notification in the mail that indicated my résumé was incorrect. However, I kept forging ahead and applying for federal jobs. Then, after many months, I landed my first federal position – an overseas appointment in Japan.

So, to help you push on and write your federal résumé, I have put together some helpful online resources that will help you compose an eye-popping federal résumé.

First, let’s start with some government online résumé resources.

Second, here’s a couple resources from two not-for-profit groups.

Also, the following are good resources from and FEDweek.

Last, one of my favorite federal career coaches, Lily Whiteman, penned the following blogs on Career Matters, Federal Times.

The above online resources pack a lot of great information to help demystify the federal résumé writing process. 

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Alex Harrington, FCC Program Director

Author: Alex Harrington is currently a Federal civil servant and a Certified Career Services Provider and Global Career Development Facilitator. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a Persian Gulf War veteran, and is currently fighting Stage IV Melanoma Cancer.

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