Join Julie Broadway on February 4, at 6:45 p.m., to be empowered and motivated to discover and own your calling in federal service.

“Come join me for a discussion of purpose, empowerment, and how to get ready for what God has planned for you! We will be discussing how that purpose and calling aligns with Federal hiring processes and providing you with the foundation to get you started on applying for jobs in public service while successfully becoming your own C.E.O!  I look forward meeting each of you and sharing my journey and HR knowledge at our next Federal Career Connection seminar on February 4th!” —Julie


    1. Be prepared and empowered to discover your calling.
    2. Be empowered to be your best self and present it when applying for jobs.
    3. Know the BIG FOUR things you need to have in your toolbox to successfully target and apply for federal positions.
    4. Find ways to keep yourself motivated and lead yourself.
    5. Build your personal CEO toolbox.
    6. Resources to help you keep motivated; better determining your federal career path, and lead yourself.


The session is sponsored by Career Network Ministry’s Federal Career Connection, which was created by volunteers to provide facilitator-led workshops to equip job seekers with the right mix of information and resources to enhance their federal job search.


    • LOCATION: 8925 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA (Google Map)
    • TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 PM (This includes a 15-minute networking opportunity with some FCC team members before the workshop)
    • DATE: February 4, 2020
    • ROOM: Community Room D

Please register first at the Welcome Desk. CNM volunteers will then direct you to the assigned room.


JULIE BROADWAY, Deputy Program Director Throughout her career, Julie has been a catalyst for data quality, accountability, and process improvement throughout the Human Resources enterprise with subject matter expertise in areas to include staffing, recruitment and placement, compensation, classification, position management, leadership and employee development and training across a variety of pay systems, authorities, and organizations. Embodying the values of countless leaders and mentors, Julie serves in every role with the goal to add value not only to her clients but back into the HR community. She is an avid reader; a world-traveler; enjoys running and physical training; and building the future of tomorrow by volunteering with middle schoolers in her community.

About Federal Career Connection

Who We Are: Federal Career Connection, an all-volunteer program, consists of a cadre of Federal subject matter experts and hiring managers who provide insights and techniques on how to search and apply for fulfilling careers in the Federal Government.

Our Vision: A cadre of citizens supporting the timeless merit system foundation on which our civil service has been built, and on which they’ll continue to build as each civil servant writes the next chapter in the history of American public service.

Our Goal: To provide individuals in career transitions with the best federal employment tools to help with their career needs and goals, while helping the government recruit individuals who possess high standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for public interest.

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Please follow us on Twitter @FedCareer and join our Federal Career Connection LinkedIn Group or find us on Meetup at

 To get updates on upcoming workshops and career coaching sessions, visit

Author: Federal Career Connection

A free resource for Americans who want to serve in the federal government, while helping the government recruit individuals who possess high standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for the public interest.


  1. Hello, Shawn, we hope you can join our workshop this evening. While we hope attendees walk away with information to help with their marketability, we do not conduct individual sessions on the 1st Tuesday. We do 1:1s during our Office Hours on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Again, we hope to see you this evening.

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